The promise of The Addictocarb Diet
is to help you lose weight
by beating your food addiction
in a way that is
palatable, healthy and sustainable.

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"No hope, Doctor. I can’t lose weight.” He had heard that before. So he gave me his book, The Addictocarb Diet, and proved me wrong. In the first five weeks I lost fifteen pounds.  Richard Jeske

Dr. Roseman has been my family's doctor for almost 20 years. I have struggled with weight all my life. Following Dr. Roseman's nutrition advice, I have lost more than 40 pounds in about a year and feel alive and healthy again. It is a program that I can keep for life without feeling deprived. --Aspasia Nikolaou

A PSYCHIATRIST SPEAKS                                                                              To get out of the addictive cycle, Dr. Roseman’s diet is a start. He gets the ‘food addict’ on the right path. Read this book, and begin on a path of health and mindful eating, with a knowledge that may change your life forever." Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, M.D.

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     There’s a reason diets don’t work. Science has shown that a class of carbohydrates, called “Addictocarbs,” light up the brain’s pleasure centers and make it almost impossible to moderate eating.
     If you’re struggling to lose weight, counting calories and shrinking portions are not the answer. The answer lies in how your brain reacts when you eat certain foods—Read More Here