As both a physician and a patient I have a unique perspective on obesity. I have struggled with my own weight problem for a lifetime and I have also treated patients with weight problems for 30 years. I know what does not work, and now I have determined what does work; a unique way to lose weight and keep it off, which goes against some of the tenets of traditional medical thought and the conventional wisdoms of the diet establishment. This diet pays less attention to calories and carbs. Instead, it is a high calorie, high carb diet. It works by restricting addictocarbs, which is a term that I coined to describe specific foods that directly stimulate the addiction center of the brain.

I have lost over 50 pounds, and my patients had similar successes. I have kept the weight off, and so have many of my patients.

I also have diabetes, and I have gone from taking numerous medications, both injected and oral, to taking one minor oral medication thanks to this diet. I have tried it on my patients and it has worked for their diabetes as well.

My life has been transformed. My patients’ lives have been transformed. This book will lay out my method and discuss the science that supports my theories. But most important, it lays out a diet regimen that has worked for me and my patients, and it will work for others


The emerging neuroscience of addiction has enabled me to tackle one of the most devastating problems in America—oddly enough, a problem that is killing more people than any other in this land of plenty—obesity. This may be the first time in history that a diet is based on the neuroscience of addiction. This book lays out an unconventional diet regimen that works, it has worked for me and has worked for hundreds of my patients, and it will work for others.