After being inundated with requests for my diet, I finally realized that the only way to deal with all the interest was to write a book and start a website.

After a lifetime of being fat and getting diabetes because of it, I fashioned a simple and effective diet, first for myself, eventually for my patients, and now for others by utilizing new insights provided by the emerging field of the neuroscience.

Losing sixty pounds wasn’t anything new for me. I had lost 70 pounds twice before only to gain it right back. But this was different because I had been able to keep the weight off. As patients asked me for my secret I began to share my diet with them. Over the years, with their input, I refined the diet and watched as many hundreds of my patient's lives were transformed. They lost weight, kept it off, got healthy,felt great, looked great and, like myself, were able to eliminate many medications they thought they would be taking for life.

Before I realized what was happening, a large percentage of my patient population was on my diet and I was getting requests from friends of patients and friends of their friends.I could certainly understand that because I witnessed so many patients losing a lot of weight and keeping it off. People were losing, five ten, fifteen, twenty pounds and even more but even more important these patients were telling me how easy it was to keep the weight off and how great they felt. People noticed my patients just as my patients had noticed me and now everyone wanted the "secret". But it was not really a secret. I had simply fashioned a diet base on the emerging field of the neuroscience of addiction.

I found that, as a doctor,all these people suddenly clamoring for my diet was deeply satisfying. On the other hand, I did not set out to be a diet doctor. I love caring for my patients: high blood pressure, cancer, pneumonia and the whole gamut of disease. But now I was simply being inundated by requests for my diet I was afraid it would interfere with my practice of plain old medicine.

Since my diet has a special shake which I humorously began referring to as The Famous Roseman Weight Loss shake many people simply assumed that it was the diet shake which was the secret. I was always clear with my patients; the shake is not the diet, and the diet is not the shake. But soon my patients began to tell me they had recommended it to other people who found it helpful. I was a little uncomfortable with that because, when I told a patient about the shake, I would also expound on my theories of cravings, Addictocarbs, and food addiction. Yet, soon there was nothing I could do about it. People were recommending  the shake to other people and were telling me how well it was working for people with whom  I had absolutely no relationship. This really bothered me. I felt it was just wrong for people to think that just the shake was the way to lose weight. I felt I needed to explain the entire program to people.

In any case over the past few years interest in the The Addictocarb Diet has just exploded. In response to that i decided the easiest thing to do was just to write a book detailing the weight loss program. While I am just finishing up the book for publication I realized that there was an immediate need for people to have a place to share their Addictocarb Diet experiences, recipes, ask questions etc. That is the reason for this website. I hope that the visitors to this site will contribute to this website in the same way that my patients contributed to the The Addictocarb Diet over the years. I hope it will become a resource for people who have benefitted from the addictocarb lifestyle. After all I am just a doctor and it is my desire to help as many people conquer their weight problems, diabetes and other ills, as possible. I think that the The Addictocarb Diet book and this website will further that goal.

Thank you

Bruce Roseman, M.D.