Recently this whole breakfast issue has come to the fore in both the medical literature and the media.An article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied the effectiveness of breakfast recommendations on weight loss, and clearly concluded "contrary to widely espoused views, this had no discernable effect on weight loss.[1] The New York Times picked up the story with Gretchen Reynolds writing an article entitled Is Breakfast Overrated?[2] She states "For now, the slightly unsatisfying takeaway from the new science would seem to be that if you like breakfast, fine; but if not, don’t sweat it."

The whole point of my book is that cravings are caused by Addictocarbs. If you start your day off with Addictocarbs, you will eat more later in the day. If you start the day off with non-Addictocarb foods, then you will not eat more later; and if you do not eat anything early in the day, it will not make any difference. This reasoning has worked for me and it has worked for my patients.

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QUESTION: How often should I weigh myself?

ANSWER: While there are studies such as one in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine titled Self-Weighing In Weight Gain Prevention And Weight Loss Trials that have shown that people who weigh themselves daily, lose more weight on diets [1] I am personally opposed to this. As I have stated repeatedly in this book, if you want to lose a lot of weight quickly just go on the Atkins Diet or almost any fad diet. You will lose weight and in many of them even quite quickly and repeatedly weighting yourself may actually help but the point of my diet is not to lose weight quickly, only to quickly put it back on again. It is to conquer your food addiction so that you can stay slim for the rest of your life. So how often do I feel you should weigh yourself? I would say that once a month would be plenty but everyone is different. You will know if you are losing weight by how your clothes fit, and if you are just generally feeling better. If you are getting thinner, other people will notice and mention it. You do not need to live and die by the scale.

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I have often been approached by patients about taking an SSRI (Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac etc.) It makes sense. These are very popular medications in the United States and most people have someone in their family, or know someone, who has been helped by these medications. They want to know if these medications will help them in the same way it has helped their family member/acquaintance. The one big question that they ask, especially among women, is Will it make me gain weight

I believe that here is an important intersection with Addictocarbs and the use of SSRI's.  One of the things that SSRI's do very well, is stop people from worrying so much. That is a good thing.   Well, this is also true about weight and food.  People tend to worry less about their weight and how much they food they eat when taking an SSRI.  As a result people's cravings emerge resulting in weight gain. That is why I caution patients when they start on these medications that they need to give up as many addictocarbs as possible (starting with bread and potatoes of course.)  If you eat even a minimum of addictocarbs it will stimulate the reward center of the brain and people with the lowered inhibitions will eat more.  But what I have seen in my patients is that if addictocarbs are avoided it is much easier to maintain a healthy weight. As I always tell my patients "these medications do not make you gain weight, addictocarbs do."

QUESTION: If I skip breakfast won't I be starving later and then overeat?


I realize the idea of skipping breakfast might be considered heresy in the general weight loss community. They insist that you should never skip breakfast. The reasoning is that if you skip breakfast then cravings will come later in the day and you will end up eating even more. While I will concede that eating later at night is worse than eating earlier in the day, I totally reject the notion that skipping breakfast will cause you to eat more later in the day. I have been telling patients for years that the reason that people eat more later in the day is because of cravings. If you eat Addictocarbs for breakfast you will be hungry later in the day. If you do not eat Addictocarbs in the morning, you will not be any hungrier later, which is why I say if you are not hungry in the morning, then it is okay to skip breakfast.