" ON THE DIET FOR 4 DAYS AND LOST 6 LBS 10 pounds in 10 days, I can't believe it"

"My husband just stopped eating 2 addictocarbs and has lost 15 pounds without dieting."

Fantastic! I forgot to sit down, am just reading it standing in the kitchen, Thumbs up.


When you first told me about the Diet, I thought you were crazy, but now that I have lost 42 pounds, I feel very differently.

I did it for three days and lost 3 pounds…4 1/2 pounds at 7 days

I feel very positive, my mood is in a much better place. I feel like this plan is so much better then anyone's I have tried. Things are moving in the right direction. 



I am hooked on Dr. Roseman’s Addictocarb Diet!

Dr. Roseman was surprised when I told him that, like him, I struggled with food. I am slim, have danced all my life, and do not appear to have food issues. But I come from a family of overeaters who like to snack. Many are overweight, and the ones who are not work hard to keep off the pounds.

Dr. Roseman’s Addictocarb Diet has made my own challenge with food easier, because it offers a framework I can follow. I know bread, potatoes, and processed sweets will set up cravings, so I simply avoid them. So far, it has been an easy and painless transition, and the rewards have come quickly.

Gone are my desires for crackers, granola bars, and my daily oatmeal breakfast. My go-to snacks are now protein Shakes, fruit, nuts and hot quinoa in the morning. The protein Shake is key: it fills me up and tastes delicious!

It’s been three months since I started The Addictocarb Diet. My jeans are looser and the visceral fat that appeared at menopause, and with which I have been trying to make peace, is slowly melting away.

--Meryl Weiss


No hope, Doctor. I can’t lose weight.” He had heard that before. So he gave me his book, “The Addictocarb Diet,” and proved me wrong. In the first five weeks I lost fifteen pounds. This creative, informative, and concise approach to weight loss is amazing. And it works!

-- Richard Jeske

Dr. Roseman is my family's doctor for almost 20 years. I have struggled with weight all my life. Following Dr. Roseman's nutrition advice, I have lost more than 40 pounds in about a year and feel alive and healthy again. It is a program that I can keep for life without feeling deprived. --Aspasia Nikolaou, Ph.D.

This diet is brilliant in its simplicity and ability to adapt in the busy, stress-filled western lifestyle. Unlike other diet regimens, the recommendations are simple, pragmatic and easy to remember…"During the recent illness and unexpected passing of my brother I was able to continue to apply the Addictocarb principles to assure I was making healthy food choices during this stressful time in my life.



To get out of the addictive cycle, Dr. Roseman’s diet is a start. He gets the ‘food addict’ on the right path. His wisdom and personal testimonies are inspirational. Read this book, and begin on a path of health and mindful eating, with a knowledge that may change your life forever

-Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, M.D.

The Addictocarb Diet gets results. It is not a quick fix rather a way to eat healthy for the long-term while loosing weight that stays off. The secret to its success is that you do not feel deprived due to the alternatives Dr. Roseman provides to bread, pasta and white potatoes. They are completely satisfying. 

Jennifer Grubman Rothenberg