You need to accept that if you are overweight, then you have food addiction issues. Perhaps you were just born that way or perhaps it’s something you acquired later in life when circumstances changed. Nevertheless, as a food addict, you get food cravings which are an addictive behavior; part of an addiction syndrome. You need to break the cycle.

Once you accept your addiction you can begin to deal with the problem. Like all addictions when you try to give them up you go into withdrawal; but with this diet you still get to take in lots of carbs so the pain of withdrawal is muted.

You will learn that not all carbs are created equal, and come to understand the concept of addictocarbs; carbs which cause intense cravings caused by stimulating the addiction center of the brain. You will learn how to beat the addiction to these foods by employing the Famous Roseman Weight Loss Shake. You will go through three stages.



Step 1 lasts for three days. You break your addictocarb addiction here by consuming nothing but high calorie, high carb, shakes. These addictocarb-free shakes are what would be referred to, in your gym or nutrition store, as a health shake. The Famous Roseman Weight Loss Shake is my take on it. Remember, that while it is high in carbs and calories, it does not contain any addictocarbs. The point is to wean you off addictocarbs, not all carbs. During this time, you will experience withdrawal symptoms, or cravings, just like you would at the beginning of any diet. They will be most intense in the first few days but you will be shocked as to how quickly they fade away because of the shakes.

Can you put up with cravings for a few days? I believe you can with these high carb high calorie shakes over the first three days.

After the first three days, you will have drastically reduced your cravings, just like an addict going through withdrawal. You will feel cleansed and triumphant. By the way, you will also lose weight. But remember, while the point of this diet is to lose weight, it is mostly about staying skinny once you have taken it off. Understanding how easy it is to give up addictocarbs is an important step in laying the groundwork for a thin and healthy life.


Step 2 lasts for two weeks. You cannot eat addictocarbs during this time. On the other hand there are things you can eat. I will also provide some addictocarb alternatives which I will explain in detail.

Addictocarb rehab will be variously challenging for people, depending on how much addictocarbs they are accustomed to eating. If you are like most people in America and virtually all of my patients, then you probably eat quite a lot of addictocarbs. For those of you that are having the most difficult time you can partake of some of the addictocarb alternatives instead of waiting for stage three. The important thing to remember is that we are setting the stage for a future healthier life. So while you might lose more weight staying off the addictocarb alternatives, you will still lose weight even with them.


Step 3 will set the stage for the rest of your life. In addition to the addictocarb alternatives from stage two I introduce some fascinating additional addictocarb alternatives and for those people who are feeling that they either do not want to, or cannot at this point, give up addictocarbs I present the concept of Addictocarb Accommodations. If you prefer to employ these, you might not lose as much weight or lose it as quickly, but you will still achieve success in losing weight and keeping it off.

Decisions will have to be made here, as to what addictocarbs you will banish from your diet completely and which ones you will allow on a limited basis. The important thing here is that you will be able to make these decisions without the pull of addiction.

Let's face it. If you want to stay skinny you will have to give up something. Does this mean that for the rest of your life you will never be able to eat another piece of bread? I would like to say yes, but the reality of that happening is unlikely. I will explain to you how to deal with the occasional transgression, planned and unplanned, and even how to deal with falling off the wagon. I will discuss some of my personal recipes and talk about the recipes of others. I will mention some foods that have worked for me and for my patients. I will describe some typical meals that have been successful for my patients and me over the years.

You will be shocked at how different you have become. Unlike other diets where you enter maintenance with dread because you know in your heart the cravings will return, you will be exhilarated by how powerful you feel having conquered your addiction. And you will lose weight. Lots of weight.

Finally, I will talk about diabetes, because I have it, and it is an out of control epidemic in this country and around the world. I will discuss how this diet, contrary to accepted medical wisdom, has transformed my diabetes and that of my patients’. I will also talk about it because there are approximately 100 million diabetics and pre-diabetics in this country, and it is the most significant medical issue confronting the American population today.